The firm has specialized in the resolution of disputes and litigation in civil and commercial matters, as well as in dealing with corporate and transactional matters, with experience in the national and international spheres. The experience acquired with our extensive practice has led us to lead and participate in legal teams for the attention of complex and multidisciplinary cases at a national and international level, in alliance with other law firms and professionals.


Our GUTIÉRREZ SALAZAR ABOGADOS team is made up of lawyers who have studied at the best universities in Mexico, have completed their studies at prestigious educational institutions abroad and have collaborated with and been part of the best law firms in the country.

Canada Office
Canada Office


We are a specialized firm that provides our clients with excellent legal services. To do this, we use a method that combines, on the one hand, the analysis and in-depth study of the issues, as well as personalized attention to litigation; and, on the other, the formulation of innovative and disruptive legal strategies. In this way, we have managed to successfully and efficiently represent our clients in complex matters. Thus, our firm promotes excellence and integrity in the provision of the legal service we provide

At Gutiérrez Salazar Abogados, we understand that best practices evolve over time, which is why we place a high value on the adaptability of each of the team members. In this sense, our professional culture is based on teamwork, study and constant updating of our lawyers, as well as the use of new technologies, for the attention and solution of complex problems.


The firm is committed to society, in such a way that its members actively participate in the provision of free professional services (public pro bono), to people who, due to their economic and social condition, do not have the possibility of accessing adequate legal advice and representation.


During our trajectory we have participated in the attention of matters at a national level that involve different states of the Mexican Republic. In our international practice, we have dealt with matters involving foreign legislation and judicial proceedings in different countries, such as the United States, Spain, Canada, Italy, Israel, among others.




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